Anima, Rise of the Lost

To Archangel!

The group of three rested and healed (a common practise for them), in a nice river town. It was a pleasant experience and Alzhein befriended a Kushitani merchant by the name of Jubal Karim.

They set sail on the river for Archangel, fare paid for by the sale of swords. However 6 days into the journey they were attacked by a Blattodea, it burst down into the ship and exhibited odd behaviour. They slew the creature and were rewarded with a comfortable journey, the admiration of “Captain Arys” of the ‘Stormy Bitch’, a prize pair of monster scythes and refunded fare.

A man tried to proposition the group for illegal activities but they declined.

They arrived in the stunning city of Archangel, awed as they should be. They found their way to their new residence.

Upon arrival they found two, young, naked people deep in passionate embrace . Nero and Ardelis. Young lovers from DEEPLY {no pun intended} disapproving houses. The party took sympathy upon them and let them go unassailed.

They found the small ivory chest and a letter from Lady Lyrianne. It wished them well and told them and envoy would be coming to them in 2 weeks. Also that their gear would be be delayed for 1-2 months. She also told them that the property was theirs for all intents and purposes.

Further exploration of the house led to several interesting discoveries. Nathran couldn’t contain his alcoholism though and passed out after the discovery of the wine cellar. Some well hidden, some not so.

Scroll case – Red Wood with carvings in “Yamato Shu” (the language of the Shivatanese). Strange puzzle like mechanism in the top. 12×2 inches

Purple Stone – Almost like a dirty gem, always vibrating. 2x inches

Wine Celar – 44 bottles of what looks like very old wine. If Nathran is anything to go by then its very good wine as well.

Old parchment with lines and symbols – Seems to be ‘Arkes’ (Norne language) runes. 12×12 inches

Long, Locked, Dark Wooden Box – Beautifully finished dark wooden box with a padlock made of strange metal, about 3ftx1ftx5in

Slat of bed – 10x planar half spheres with writing in each indent, on one side of the light wood. Language is an old version of JashĂș from the Land’s of Al-Enneth (any lands that speak JashĂș, so Kushistan, Estigia and Salazar).

Large Beautiful Grandfather Clock – VERY Dark wood, Sealed glass front.

Massive Chest in attic – Iron Cage around another kind of metal. No lock, no latch. A Roaring metal Dragon on each side coming out of the iron. 8×4×4ft. Cant Move.

Nathran got mad at Victor for touching his sword while he was passed out.

They then readied themselves to go checkout the library that ‘Ambros’ told them about.


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