Anima, Rise of the Lost

Two Years, Very Battered, Very Angry

The Happenings up to this point

We begun the story in the backcountry of Kushitan. Four ‘men’ drawn together by only the gods know what. A Mage (Unknown Name) and a Fairy (Lumia) both good friends , a Martial Artist (Victor) seeking vengeance and an Assassin (Alzhein) fleeing from across the world.

After a relatively successful tomb raiding where they fought a strange lizardman, they accepted a job to clear away Bandits from an old fort. An unfortunate series of events occurred wherein the mage was wounded severely by arrows and the surprise presence of an enemy spellcaster, a lack of medical knowledge led to his death. This soon sent the Fairy into a depressive spiral and he wandered into the desert.

Taking another chance at gaining riches, the group (now joined up with a Samurai from Lannet named “Nathran”) attempted to rob a tomb. They found little gain and much pain as Victor was considered dead after he sustained massive damage from the minions of a necromancer they found roosting in the tomb. The necromancer’s name was ‘Ambros Malorus’ and he would save the life of Victor with the intent of using him as a puppet.

The Group then headed to the capital of Kushitan where they found yet more grief as they failed a mission and angered a Kushitan merchant.

They were then framed for the murder of the Sultan and fled the city, by chance they ended up in Abel at the Port of Eburah.

A Duchess (The Lady Lyrianne) and head of the governing city council, organises a bandit hunt to find worthy mercenaries, The group was successful in winning her favour and were subsequently hired as her personal agents.

The group helped put a threat of massive dock gangs and kill giant bears threatening a town, but on the way to deliver a message they were ambushed, humiliated and defeated by an almost inhumanly powerful assassin who called himself “”/characters/the-prince" class=“wiki-content-link”>The Prince".

The group was successful on their next mission where they found and captured an Ex-Pirate for the lady, ‘Brak Hassar’ was successful in and the man led the Lady to great riches and one of the Culprits of an Assault on the City.

They also helped track down an insane knight who had positioned himself on the top of an ocean mountain.

The group also saved the life of Zia Lyrianne, the only other Lyrianne left alive. They killed assassins of Alzheins order who were sent to kill the lady

Their next mission ended in the loss of Victor as posion and a Dryad got the best of him, however the Dryad would keep him alive and transform him into something very strange. Only the Necromantic magic inside of him would stop the transformation into a full beast.

At this point Alzhien Disappeared due to the threat of assassins.

Nathran was sent with another agent to find out the roots of a conspiratory organisation operating in a town outside of eburah. It ended in total failure and the death(?) of Nathran and the other agent.

However an old family ring on the dead(?) samurai had the strange effect of drawing the three together again, freeing Victor by draining the life from his Dryad Master, and reviving Nathran by using the power gathered from Victor and Alzhein. Studs of healing metal then embedded themselves into the skin of the three men.

The men soon travelled back to Eburah and Re-entered the employ of Lady Lyrianne. They were granted a house and servants by the name’s of Bruce, Mary, J, Bell and others. Nathran discovered a beautiful and odd sword that seems to be the source of a voice in his head calling itself ‘Rose’.

They were then contacted by The Prince and he led them to the beginning of the end for the conspiracy. They were brutally attacked and wounded by a Kushitan Assassin, they took his hand though he got away.

However they found the beginning point of the conspiracy in a warehouse stacked with goods, it revealed that House Alvah was behind a massive conspiracy to take over the city. The fought men, dogs and a suit of magical armour but made it through. However The Prince contacted them again and trickery and poison proved to be his agenda as although the group ended the conspiracy, he almost killed them and left them as wanted men.

The group recovered in a forest and somehow received correspondence from Lady Lyrianne, who offered them continued employment and the return of their property if they could make it to Archangel.

The Group accepted and a week of travel bought them to a town under siege by Ambros Malorus , the necromancer from Kushitan, he imparted knowledge of The Prince and the groups past before he perished from wounds allegedly inflicted by Prince. Several odd camouflaged items were found on his body, Victor took them.

The Assassin from Kushitan contacted them and revealed himself as Famir Nassif , He warned them of danger and told them he figured out they didn’t kill the Sultan, he wants his dagger.

The group is 6 weeks away from Archangel by Foot.

This isnt the whole story but most of the important details and story beats, please tell me if i missed anything.


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